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  • 07/19
    Maya Seon
    We can’t say for certain that life is good or bad. There are only choices and the responsibilities that come with the choices we make. Taking responsibility for the choices we make is to willingly accept the consequences of our choices. If we readily accept the consequences of our actions, we won’t be miserable or resentful no matter what happens.
  • 06/5
    Se Kyung Kim
    From last week, I started reading the 37th Niwano Peace Prize Commemorative Book together with the early morning practice members. During weekdays just after morning practice at 6 am, we do shared reading. As we finished reading all the articles from Jungto homepage and the book Awakening, now we moved on the new reading material, Niwano Peace Prize - Happy Together Jungto Together. For me, it\'s a great chance to know more about the prize and a touching moment to know how Jungto leader, Sunim is recognized internationally for his great works. I\'m looking forward to reading more tomorrow and sharing with other practitioners.
  • 06/5
    like_a_circle K
    Today, I was inspired by my fellow practitioners who have been doing an online morning practice and English reading session everday. It was a wonderful way to start a new day.
  • 06/1
    Wind Maker
    This morning, I watched a video clip on JTS Philippines, and I want to express my deep gratitude to the JTS members who have contributed to these wonderful works. Being a member of JTS fills me with immense pride. I would like to extend my thanks to JTS Korea, JTS America and JTS Philippines.
  • 05/26
    Maya Seon
    "There are no miracles, there is only earnest effort." says by Ven. Pomnyun Sunim. It's resonates with me.
  • 05/25
    Sunyung Ahn
    I am going to use cloth napkin. Instead of paper napkin.
  • 04/25
    like_a_circle K
    I realized that it has been less than 2 months since my team started to work together. It is amazing to see how quickly and naturally we became one team while each of us tried to adjust ourselves to new positions. When I only focus on what sits right in front of my eyes, I don\'t see how far I have come and how much progress I have made. I am grateful for the time and energy my team and I spent to make this happen.
  • 04/17
    Bongjae Kim
    Due to Covid-19, I could join morning Asia-Pacific region's common practicing and Jungto-book club. I was wonderful time to me because it means that my body condition is not bad, so I can do my favorite things during 7-day covid-19 vacation. I really appreciated my company college who fill up the hole I made.
  • 04/10
    Se Kyung Kim
    This morning I read an article with morning Book club after the early morning practice. We took a turn reading the article from Press & Media at Jungto homepage. From today's reading I realized that I wasn't satisfied with so many things that I already have but I was complaining about what I didn't have. Through reading and sharing with other practitioners, I felt ashamed of myself. I forgot to appreciate what I already have and the fact that I'm a happy practitioner. It's good to have a chance to remind myself about this. Thank you for all the Jungto volunteers.
  • 03/24
    Se Kyung Kim
    I started reading Awakening this morning with Book Club practitioners just after 100-Day Practice in the morning. We took a turn to read each paragraph of the 1st chapter, Freedom from Existence. We could read pretty much than I expected for 30 min. and we shared our feeling and thought after reading. It was very helpful and touching session for me. I\'m glad that I have a wonderful morning routine now; bowing, meditating, reading and sharing. Plus lots of smiling and learning : )