Bodhi Day Dharma Meeting and Traveling from Delhi to Varanasi

Jan. 18, 2024

Hello! Ven. Pomnyun Sunim began his day in Delhi. After the morning practice and meditation, Sunim participated in a live-streamed Dharma meeting commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment at 6:30 am. 

The media team had made all preparations in advance so that live-streaming could take place in the lodging where Sunim was staying. However, as the lodging was very close to the airport, the sounds of aircraft taking off and landing were very loud. After the sound of the bamboo clapper signaled the end of the brief meditation, Sunim greeted the participants. 

Then Sunim gave a Dharma talk on the process of the Buddha’s enlightenment and what he realized. The entire life of the Buddha, from his birth to enlightenment, to the end of his life after enlightenment, unfolded like a movie. 

From the Buddha’s renunciation to enlightenment

What did the Buddha realize?

Spreading the Dharma is a form of socially engaged activity

Lastly, there was a vow to make our utmost efforts in spreading the Buddha’s teachings so that more people can encounter them before completing the Bodhi Day Dharma meeting. Afterward, Sunim asked the media team if the noise level was too severe. 

“Yes, Sunim. Probably the audience didn’t perceive the noises as loudly as we did here.”

After the live-stream, Sunim cooked and ate breakfast with the staff, and then discussed today’s schedule with Ven. Bogwang Beopsanim. 

Around 1 pm, Sunim took a walk around the motel. He had an Indian lunch at a roadside restaurant and enjoyed a cup of milk tea. 

“Yes, Sunim. It’s warmer in Delhi, but they say that it’s still cold in Varanasi and Gaya.”

Today, pilgrim team A, consisting of around 150 people, will arrive at Delhi airport at 5 pm. To greet them, several staff members headed to the airport, and Sunim also headed there at 5:30 pm. When he arrived, the pilgrims were going through the immigration process. 

Sunim checked their progress through immigration and directed the buses waiting near the airport to move to the parking lot so that the pilgrims could load their luggage upon exiting the terminal building. 

Pilgrim teams began exiting the building one by one at around 7 pm, after the sun had set. They proceeded to the parking lot and loaded their luggage onto the bus. By 8 pm, all five buses were ready to depart for Varanasi. 

While en route to Varanasi, Sunim discovered that 20 boxes containing non-personal items, which were meant to be loaded onto bus no. 6, had mistakenly been unloaded and loaded onto bus no. 3. Sunim contacted the Dharma teacher in charge of bus no. 3

“No, Sunim. There are several spaces to load the boxes in bus no. 3 and they are well placed.”

“You’re welcome, Sunim.”

The buses carrying the pilgrims will travel approximately 17 hours from Delhi to Varanasi, passing through Agra and Lucknow. They will continue on the highway and are expected to arrive in Varanasi at around noon tomorrow. Upon arrival, the pilgrims will settle into their accommodation and rest while Sunim will convene a Friday Dharma Q&A session at 4 pm.