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    Christopher BenumChristopher Benum


    Ven. Pomnyun Sunim gave a live session for the dharma school students on Sunday, August 14th (Saturday, August 13th North America time), in conjunction with Jungto Society’s “Introduction to Buddhism 1” course, offered in English for the first time. He answered three questions from three dharma school students, in this order:

    -1- Sue

    -2- Gordon

    -3- Ruha


    Here is a place where you can post your sharing.

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    Christopher BenumChristopher Benum

    I really appreciate the conversations that Sunim had with Gordon and Ruha, the second and third questioners.

    With Sunim’s answer to Ruha, I appreciate Sunim’s views on history, and am interested in learning about the early Buddhism, before the more rigid social environment became  encoded into what was later known as “Buddhism”.

    Gordon, the second questioner, asked something that was closely related to the question that I would have posed, if today had been my opportunity to do so. I prefer Gordon’s formulation of the question to mine. From Sunim’s answer, it seems that it’s neither the world nor my practice which are causing my sense of isolation, but my attitudes towards the world and my attitudes towards practice that are causing it.

    Hyunjoo LeeHyunjoo Lee

    I am glad that I attended the live talk today. My takeaway message was my good deeds wouldn’t be necessarily appreciated by others. It depends on one’s mind and perspectives of who’s receiving them, not the action itself.

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