April 13, 2021

Sunim, why didn’t you take a break? “I made a promise to go.”

Today, Sunim moved from Mungyeong Retreat Center to Dubuk Retreat Center to plant potatoes and pick spring greens. In the evening, we held meetings with community members and held Sunday meditation online.

March 21

After planting potatoes and picking spring greens in the afternoon, Pomnyun Sunim arrived at the Dubuk Retreat Center. The magnolias were in full bloom and welcomed Sunim and staff.

After Prayer Chant in the evening, Sunim and the attendants of the Dubuk Retreat Center held a meeting about this year’s farming plan.

We talked about the current situation of our farming in general, whether farming tools are needed or not, how to organize warehouse items, and whether there were any difficulties. The most difficult thing was the lack of workforce.

After talking for about an hour, Sunim suggested taking a walk outside in the spring air.

“I originally had a schedule for tomorrow, but it was canceled. So I’d like to see flowers with you. How about that?” Sunim suggested.

The opinions of the members were divided. “I have so many things to do. I hope to go next time.”

“There are no days without work. If we wait for a day with no work to do, then we can never make it” Sunim said and smiled.

Sunim confirmed what the urgent needs were to be done tomorrow.

“The carpentry work to decorate the broadcast room is finished, so we have to clean the floor and lay out insulation and plywood.” said volunteer.

“Can we go hiking in the morning and then work in the afternoon?” Sunim said.

“Yes we can.” said volunteer.

“Everyone is busy, but let’s go hiking in the morning.” Sunim said.

We decided to visit Namsan tomorrow morning and ended the meeting. Soon after, Sunim sat in front of the camera. This is the 50th online meditation session since the coronavirus outbreak.

Sunim gave a greeting to the 3,000 people on the live broadcast.

After the broadcast was over, it was 10 o’clock at night.

March 22

Today’s morning was sunny and bright. Sunim went to Namsan, Gyeongju with the attendants of the Dubuk Retreat Center in the morning, and in the afternoon, he renovated the broadcasting room.

After praying at dawn and offering Baru Gongyang (communal breakfast ceremony), we departed to Namsan, Gyeongju at 8:30 am. We started walking at Yongjanggol in the middle of Namsan’s various valleys. The wind on the tip of the nose was still chilly, but the sunshine was full of spring energy.

The more I walked on the mountain, the more I was able to see the buds and spring flowers that bloomed in the spring.

“It was a little difficult to get up because I wasn’t feeling well in the morning.” Sunim said.

“Sunim, why didn’t you take a break?”

“I made a promise to go.”

Sunim did not have time to rest due to online Dharma Talks and communal work. The attendants of the Dubuk Retreat Center were also very tired from the all of the work. However, we became more and more alive as we walked through the mountains full of spring energy, and breathed in the fresh air.

When we got to the pagoda, we read Vows to the threefold refugees and the Heart Sutra, and as we climbed uphill, we walked neither slow nor fast.

After walking for an hour and a half, we sat in a sunny place and took a break. The sunshine was good, but the cold wind blew and made our noses run.

We started walking again after the break. The road going down to Cheonryongsaji temple past the ridge was truly a flower path.

“Hey, the rhododendrons really bloomed a lot!” Sunim exclaimed.

After passing the rhododendron flower path, we arrived at Cheonryongsaji temple after 11 o’clock. First, we went to the temple hall.

It was just lunch time when we went down the mountain after meeting with the magistrates who are managing the Cheonryongsaji and the working people.

After lunch, Sunim immediately changed into his work clothes and went to pick up herbs.

“Today, let’s pick up Wonchu-ri and mugwort.”

“Let’s go inside the field.”

As Sunim expected, mugwort that no one had planted in the field grew by itself.

When we arrived at the Retreat Center, they were about to finish cleaning the floor and put some insulation on it. Insulation materials from the process of dismantling the national court hall were collected and recycled. All the insulation materials are of different sizes, so volunteers cut and pasted them around and laid them on the floor.

After finishing the work, the mugwort that was picked up was trimmed.

A body of water with mountains in the background

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